About US

Take Flight Optics is a company that strives to preserve beautiful sights by providing new prospective on it. We go through great lengths to get the perfect shots that will "wow" the world, doing everything from short films, music videos, to real estate. Our equipment is comprised of filming DSLR's and quad-copters, which helps to give us an upper hand in breath taking shots.

Our Gear

We run three main pieces of gear.

1. We use a DJI Inspires 1 quad-copter to get beautiful sweeping over-head shows of our subject.

2. For everything on the ground and close up we use a GH4 DSLR Camera. 

3. And lastly we use our creative minds to come up with new and exciting shots that one can only dream of.

Our Process

We work closely with our clients to figure out the shots that they would like, then taking that idea and making it a reality. Next we take all the shots and run them through post-processing to fix every last detail. Lastly we stitch the work together to make a short film or a beautiful gallery.