Berkeley Peace Lantern Ceremony by Daniel Carrodus

On the 8th of Augest in Berkeley California, there was a peace lantern ceremony to honor the lives lost from the first nuke being dropped on Japan. The ceremony was very pleasent and I was about to make a short film as well as a gallery from the event. That gallery is now up with the short film, under projects.  


Disneyland by Daniel Carrodus

The new Disneyland gallery is official up. The trip was a lot of fun, it had been a while since I had been to Disneyland and I got a nice reminder of why I used to go there so much as a kid. It will most likely become a trip that I do once a year from now on. Anyway GO CHECK OUT THAT GALLERY!  


Cheers, Daniel Carrodus

Anime Expo 2015 by Daniel Carrodus

So, I have finally gotten all the pictures from Anime Expo 2015 (For now). They can be found under my "Projects" Tab. 

The trip down to LA was very nice, and well deserved. And being able to go to something new like Anime Expo was really awesome. Being with like minded people and others who enough the Anime culture was great. I most likely will be going again next year! And with my new knowledge of how the function works it should be even better.

Anyway, go check out the gallery!

I am back! by Daniel Carrodus

I am back from my trip to LA, Anime Expo 2015 and Disneyland! I had a great vacation and I have plenty to write about and post, BUT first I have to unpack. So keep your eyes open in the next few days for lots to come!

Cheers, Daniel Carrodus

Off to LA. by Daniel Carrodus

Take Flight Optics will be taking to the air and road in a few days to LA.

This is more of a vacation than anything else, but I will be trying to get some good shots while I am down there. On this exhibition we will be spending a week at Anime Expo, and then a week in Disneyland; as well as a day to go anywhere else in LA. 

At Anime Expo I am hoping to get enough footage to make a new short film, meet some new friends and of course enjoy the Expo.

At Disneyland I will be shooting too, but probably not gonna be able to get enough footage to make anything. But we will see, also still need to fine out if I can even bring my handheld stabilizer there.

Either way, Take Flight Optics will be out of "office" for two weeks. Oh and if anyone is down at these events, come say HI!