Business Cards came in! by Daniel Carrodus

Lucky day!

My beautiful new business cards came in a few days early. I am very impressed with them, they look great and the card quality is very high end for the price.

So a shout out to for the business cards, I will 100% be doing business with them in the future.

New Business Cards On The Way. by Daniel Carrodus

Yesterday I took some time to design my new business cards for Take Flight Optics and this morning I got the conformation that they were being printed. SO hopefully I will be getting them before I head out to LA!


The front design allows for me to have many different photos in the front (That we have taken) to give our clients a little bit of a taste of what we do.


The back of the card shows our logo and all the information of the person that hands the client the card.

Now we will just have to wait and hope that these babies come in on time!

Welcome by Daniel Carrodus

Who am I?

My name is Daniel Carrodus, I am a bay area local and native. My back ground is in Game Art and Design, but I have been working with movie editing programs for years. Photograph has also been a large part of my life too and combining the two has been a dream. On top of that the advances in technology has really upped the game in the new perspectives that we can give to our audiences in telling stories about the world.


What is Take Flight Optics?

Take Flight Optics is my company where we strive to bring new and fresh view points on the world. To show people something that makes them really think about how beautiful that world is, and we achieve this with three main pieces of gear.

1. We use a DJI Inspires 1 quad-copter to get beautiful sweeping over-head shows of our subject.

2. For everything on the ground and close up we use a GH4 DSLR Camera. 

3. And lastly we use our creative minds to come up with new and exciting shots that one can only dream of.